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Dysphagia Awareness, Level 1 (Can include Learning Disabilities)

Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) is a common consequence of many medical conditions especially neurological disorders such as: dementia, stroke, learning disability, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Dysphagia not only impacts on the quality of peoples’ lives but it can also shorten them. This 3-hour course will give your staff a greater understanding of the condition and its possible serious consequences.

Course Content

  • Describe the anatomy involved in swallowing
  • Recognise when somebody has difficulty eating
  • Know when and how to refer to specialist services
  • Create an advantageous environment to support adequate nutrition
  • Position people to enable them to eat and drink safely
  • Examine the issues in maintaining peoples’ dignity during mealtimes
  • IDDSI guidelines
  • Demonstrate the first aid for dealing with a person who is choking

    Course Assessment

    Continual informal assessment throughout the course of understanding the subject.

    Course Costs

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    Here are some recent testimonials

    Astrid made the course fun as well as informative. Having done other First Aid courses that were dry and dull can recommend this one!

    Julie P

    The most instructive course I have attended both in teaching methods and handouts.

    David S

    I really liked the scenarios and the games, these both really built confidence for me.

    Jenny H

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